[ExI] StemCells Inc.and Alzheimer's.

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Tue Jul 24 23:45:21 UTC 2012

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Subject: [ExI] StemCells Inc.and Alzheimer's.

Human stem cells found to restore memory.

>...StemCells Inc. hopes a clinical trial of its proprietary stem cells in
rodents will lead to a clinical trial with Alzheimer's patients.


>...One little comment:  For some time I've wondered if, as these results
seem to suggest, memory is not always lost, but sometimes just made
inaccessible.  Best, Jeff Davis

Jeff I have evidence to offer that this is exactly the case.  Most of us
have known Alzheimer's patients who are sometimes lost, other times not very
different from normal.  I don't know why it works that way.  Most of us have
lost a name of someone or something familiar, and later brought it right
back without any trouble.

Good luck to the stem cell guys, we sure need a treatment.


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