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>.That bit about drivers swerving to flatten beasts is really working on my
mind.  It reminds me of slaying bulls for fun and thrills.  Robo-cars will
never swerve to hit things, but may be annoying with excessive caution when
birds perch beside the road. spike


Now that I think about it, an early robo-car will be programmed to pass only
under certain circumstances.  I can see this being a problem with bicycles
and even pedestrians.  I can easily envision an early robo-car slowing all
the way down to 5 kph, and following meekly a few paces behind a pedestrian,
as a string of robo-cars behind it follow suit all the way down to walking
speed, as their enraged occupants scream for the wretched device to get
going.  This reaction of course assumes the young couple is finished with
their activities, or the occupant is awake.


It isn't clear to me that there is a good solution to the bicycle/pedestrian
problem, but it has become clear to me that in one form or another,
robo-cars are coming anyway and this is a problem that needs to be solved.
The pent-up demand for a self-driver is enormous, from all those people who
have lost their drivers' licenses as a result of ageing eyes and slowing
reflexes.  For so many people, a self-driver does not need to go fast or
far.  They only need to haul grandma to the grocery store and bingo at the


How many of us have parents or grandparents who really need a robo-car now?
Mine do, very soon.  Right now would be an excellent time for those things
to show up at the local car dealer.  They have some really good newish cars
they can trade for one, three V-8s with all the trimmings for a small 4
banger with no steering wheel.  


Friends, there are buttloads of money to be made here.  Robo-cars will be
the fourth wave in our lifetimes: computers, internet, cell phones, now



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