[ExI] EP, lasers and power satellites

Tim Halterman timhalterman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 16:09:30 UTC 2012

> Between drones and Hellfire missiles, the US already has the ability
> to fire on even our own citizens anywhere in the world.  A propulsion
> laser is in the same class as a Hellfire missile so it isn't going to
> make things any worse.
> Keith

    I'm sorry this jumped out at me slightly.  Looking at stuxnet virus as
an example I really can't see something like this ever being secure
enough.  We've even recently seen a drone being spoofed and stolen (this is
not necesarilly a fact but appeared plausible).  What would prevent this
potential weapon from possibily falling into the wrong hands.  Even Iran
has the capabilities of putting satellites into space, this would involve
security not even from the software communication side but also the
hardware side, these satellites could be physically manipulated in space.
Do we need defense satellites for defense satellites?  This reminds me of
the star wars talk in the Reagan days.

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