[ExI] Jaw-dropping CWRU Alzheimer's breakthrough?

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Mar 3 20:02:01 UTC 2012

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> Note that the Salk Institute created J147 as a chemical one-off of 
> curcumin extract, and bexarotene is very similar to Salk's J147, and 
> UCLA's custom molecule CLR01:

### This is interesting - curcumin is believed to be a mitochondrial
uncoupler (its antioxidant effect is just a side effect of this mechanism).
If bexarotene is also an uncoupler, this would explain its efficacy against
cancer cells which are generally susceptible to uncoupling. There are some
theoretical reasons to believe that uncouplers may have beneficial effects
on certain mitochondrial diseases like AD or PD, as long as the doses are
carefully controlled.
A drug that fixes mitochondrial dysfunction in AD is likely to dissipate
amyloid as a side effect.

So, maybe bexarotene could be useful in AD - but, as I mentioned before, the
mouse study is only the flimsiest sliver of evidence.
Definitely not worth spending 1200$ a month just in case it works a little


Thanks Rafal!  What if it didn't cost 1200 a month, but rather about 30
bucks a month?  If we decide to live with the risk of half a milligram of
unknown with each dose (probably all just nontoxic catalytic salts, quite
harmless in those doses) and let the stuff soak in ethanol to slay the
microbeasts, that seems like a reasonable risk to me.  Dissolving in alcohol
is also an ideal way to control dosage.  I know how to determine how much of
the bex dissolves per unit volume, and controlling by volume is waaay
eeeeasssy easy compared to measuring out milligram quantities, ja?  This is
an example of stuff I would be willing to take myself, even with no AD
symptoms.  I can do qualitative analysis on a sample to insure that half
milligram doesn't contain any heavy metals which might accumulate, lead or
mercury for instance.

Of course we would not encourage anyone to devour the stuff, oh dear no,
that would make it a medication or a dietary supplement, in which case we
would be so deeply buried in laws it would take a postcard a month to get to
us.  This would be for, you know, like, washing your hands and such.

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