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> Sorry,
> I'm just being open about my current beliefs, and how I feat as I read this, 
> whether I'm mistaken or not.  It may not have come through in that post, but 
> I really do care about and respect what you (and everyone else saying the same 
> thing) are saying.  It's just that I don't really have time to fully 
> study some of the sources you guys were quoting, let alone read every post, nor 
> become near the expert you guys are on any of this.  I was just simply trying to 
> point out how just talking about it, like this, add infinitem, without tracking 
> and summarizing what everyone is saying / believing - as compared to the experts 
> (as person chooses to select them) it's kind of a waist.

So what you are saying is you want to use both your "ask the audience" and "phone a friend" lifeline for every possible question in life? And so if they agree that's great, if they disagree, which do you go with? Hmm?

> I basically don't have time to read add infinite wasteful statements like 
> all this, but if you guys would canonize some of your work, so we could 
> basically find out what everyone thinks are the most compelling reasons, so my 
> ignorrant wisdom can keep up with you experts, in some kind of accelerated, with 
> an easy and concise state of the art reference.  That data you are pointing out 
> - obviously convinces you.  If it is really morally important, if peoples life 
> are dependent on it, you need to also find out, and measure, what everyone else 
> is thinking, and what it will take to help them see the moral light.  - Just 
> like we're doing with the consciousness survey project.

There is a jarring-incongruency in the idea of "cononizing" yourself by editing a wiki. Sainting yourself is like knighting yourself, I can't do it without feeling pretty silly. I don't claim to be a saint or a villain. Just a work in progress. So I won't write not one bit to your site. You however are free to cut and paste my writings there if you choose to. And if not, then my words were clearly not meant for you.

> In my mind, all you've posted was a  waste, and long washed under the 
> bridge, never to be seen again (I even missed the opening of the thread).  But 
> if the same stuff was concisely and quantitatively canonized, constantly 
> improving in a wiki way....?  Maybe then some of us mistaken masses, currently 
> more interested in other things, could have a hope of keeping up, so less people 
> end up suffering?  I'm just trying to raise the level of communication in 
> this group, and enable to it progress, instead of everyone being eternally stuck 
> in the yes / no / yes / no mud, nobody caring anything about what anyone else 
> but them thinks, forever.

You might think it was a waste, but my words have delightfully muddied the waters of the future, simply by being considered by conscious minds such as yours.

Stuart LaForge

"The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting by fools." -Thucydides.

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