[ExI] Extra gene keeps mice cancer-free and permanently skinny

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>Have any of you read this?  Anyone working with PTEN?  Sounds like it's too good to be true.  All the stated benefits should increase longevity too no?

But of course. And similar effects have been found with other turmor supressor genes in various organisms. Look up mice with extra P-53. Also having an extra super-oxide dismutase gene makes uber-flies that are more active, live longer, have more sex, and burn more total calories than their none-enhanced counterparts. The problem? A biotechnician has to get to you as an embryo in order to give you an extra copy of any of these genes. This is called *germline* genetic engineering. It is considered the ultimate in playing God. Find out if human germline engineering is legal in your nation. If it is, you could literally buy your children long life and other advantages. Note that this might have unintended consequences for the unenhanced, which is why everyone will soon need to shell out the money for a smart-phone.
Stuart LaForge

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