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Happy woman's day Natasha.

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> The idea of humans dealing with risks of all sorts, most often
> catastrophic risks such as asteroids hitting the earth, a nuclear war, or a
> world threatening virus have had theorists thinking for eons about the
> future. More recently, we are concerned with global warming, bio warfare,
> runaway nanoassemblers and super AI/AGI entities. Most of these risks lie
> outside the personal issue of radical life extension.
> If we consider radical human life extension,  what type of risk might
> there be?  (Extinction risk is obvious, but I'm wondering if extinction
> risk is more relevant to a species rather than a person.)  So, I started
> thinking about the elements of a person that keep him/her alive: foresight,
> insight, intelligence, creativity, willingness to change, etc. I also
> thought about what might keep a person from not continuing to exist:
> depression/sadness.  Then I thought about what someone else might do to
> keep me from existing: inflicting his/her values/beliefs onto my sphere of
> existence that would endanger my right to live. I arrived
> back at morphological freedom, as understood by More on one hand and
> Sandberg on the other, which pertains to a negative right --  a right to
> exist and a right not to be coerced to exist. But again, here the behavior
> of morphological freedom is a freedom and does not answer the question
> of what could a risk be that reflects a person's choice/right to live/exist?
> It may be simply a matter of discrimination about a right not to die.
> Does anyone have thoughts on this?
> Thanks,
> Natasha
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