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>.On 14 Mar 2012, at 10:05, Anders Sandberg wrote:


>.Getting proteins from insects is likely a smart move



In general, devouring any warm blooded beast is an energy loser.  The
warm-and-furries need to metabolize so many plants or other beasts just to
create a little meat.  Insects on the other hand, are cold blooded, they
grow quickly and energy-efficiently, they can directly metabolize so many
raw plant fibers, they are robust, pre-adapted for widely varying
environments, we don't really need to concern ourselves much about their
suffering as we do with closer cousins on the evolutionary family tree.  So
many advantages!  But I can imagine there is a good chance we will not
devour them directly, as we do with a plate of fried shrimp.  I have a hard
time imagining a plate of fried beetles will be commonly seen in my natural


We need some kind of processing, which will turn the wretched bugs into
something that I can imagine will be more like a nutritious substance with a
texture somewhere between a hotdog and a cracker, some kind of homogeneous
mass which can be fed to children at a young age, so that they think of it
as food, long before their squick instincts begin.  Many of us whose tastes
in food are long since set, but who think early and often about beast
welfare will brutally overpower those instincts, and devour the substance
anyway, even if we don't really like it.  I will, early and often.



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