[ExI] Eliminate people to reduce 'warming' and 'save Earth?"

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>2012/3/13 Kevin G Haskell <kgh1kgh2 at gmail.com>
>Do we need to not just stop, but reduce human population in order to stop the "warming of the Earth in order to save it?"
>If we were also to eliminate animal and vegetal populations altogether, Mother Earth would be indeniably spared a lot of pointless and erosive chemical processes... :-)

Ha! But then you still leave the inestimable species(?) of microbes of both archaea and eubacteria that are capable of eating iron. Microbes with the foresight to be able to eat the end products of stellar fusion not to mention literally eat Gaea's guts. And we humans are supposed to feel guilty about crowding out big mammals that try to eat us? The Red Queen rules the roost and if the the bloody bitch gave a shit about grizzly bears, then she would have given the bears the bomb first.
For what its worth, a male grizzly bear will gladly eat another grizzly's cubs so mother grizzlies need to be extra defensive when they got cubs. Not that I am hating on grizzly bears or anything. I am just saying that overly-zealous defenders of Mother Earth should not expect any personal gestures of appreciation from grizzly bears for all their hard work on the bears' behalf, should they ever encounter any. Unless the tree-hugger's intent was simply to give the grizzlies a free lunch as well.
And if a great rock should fall, it would fall upon us all. And without us humans, grizzly bears and giraffes have zero chance of surviving a KT boundary event level impact. By simple virtue of us being potentially able to deflect such a rock, we humans have greater moral value than grizzly bears, simply because we *could* save them and anything larger than a cat.
Stuart LaForge

"The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting by fools." -Thucydides.

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