[ExI] Coalition Wants Moratorium on 'Extreme' Synthetic Bio Businesses

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>>Subject: [ExI] Coalition Wants Moratorium on 'Extreme' Synthetic Bio Businesses
>>Coalition Wants Moratorium on 'Extreme' Synthetic Bio Businesses
>>March 13, 2012
> I can't believe the countless hoards that seem intent on forever prohibiting exactly what I spent 10 years of my life and over $100,000 of my money at university learning how to do. I have the knowledge, skills, and desire to read and write the scripting language of life. But instead now, because of people like this, I drive a taxi cab. With all these bioconservative apes in charge, in the US, a biology degree might as well be a degree in music appreciation. I even tried to start a religion that would allow me to practice my arts under first amendment rights. But it didn't really take off. Maybe I should have gotten a degree in obstructionism. Seems to be a growth industry these days.

You only need a few members to join up... I'm game! Shall we branch
off of pastafanarianism? :-)


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