[ExI] Gordon Moore Quote, Extropy and Panspermia

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 09:06:58 UTC 2012

On Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 4:31 AM, Kelly Anderson  wrote:
> I was listening to Gordon Moore (of Moore's Law fame) giving a talk on
> youtube... and he said something that I thought was worth writing
> down...
> While referring to the increase in the exponent itself .... he said,
> "What amazes me more than anything is this acceleration... I think we
> have our own form of dark energy. I don't understand it in cosmology
> and it's just about as hard to understand as it fits in here..."
>  - Gordon Moore
> I am coming more and more to the opinion that when Kurzweil talks
> about the Law of Accelerating Returns, he is tapping into something
> bigger than even he is letting on. I think that the emergence of
> complexity may be a law of thermodynamics. I think it may be a
> fundamental aspect of physics... extropy may be more than a mailing
> list, it may be a law of the universe. If it is in fact a law of the
> universe, then that gives a logical mathematical basis for believing
> in galactic panspermia... 100,000,000 years is a very short time to
> come up with single cells at the rate things were changing 4 billion
> to 3.9 billion years ago... Just some food for thought. This isn't
> Moore's idea, it's mine... so don't saddle him with my crazy idea.

The problem is our education system.  People just don't understand
exponential growth.
Daily life is mostly linear. Stuff changes little from year to year,
slightly better, worse, bigger, smaller.....

Most problems get postponed. I'll do that tomorrow, or when it becomes
a more serious problem, maybe never.

With exponential growth, though, it doubles with every iteration. So,
when half your yard is covered with weeds, and you finally take notice
of the problem, you only have one more cycle left.

People even struggle to understand compound interest, which is less
significant than exponentials. Witness all those struggling with debt


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