[ExI] World's smallest production car gets a new lease on life

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Mon Mar 19 15:36:40 UTC 2012

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Subject: [ExI] World's smallest production car gets a new lease on life

>... The smallest currently in production is the Tata Nano that measures
just 122 inches (309.9 cm) long and 58.9 inches (223 cm) wide...

Cool thanks BillK.  They blew one of the metric conversions, width of the
Nano.  The inch figure is right, but it is about 150 cm wide, not 223.

>... But for the world's smallest ever production car you'd have to look
back to the early 1960's and the Peel P50, which measured just 54 inches
(137 cm) long and 41 inches (104.1 cm) wide, and weighed 130 lb (59
should press spike's micro-cars button!    ;)  BillK


Ja, the government does not need to fund research into super-low fuel cars,
we have had those since before we were born.  The challenge is to invent a
system that makes them safe to operate on roads with our current monster
cars (which is everything on the road now.)  This can be done, governments
have the authority to do it.  Make it safe, people will come.  Right now I
cannot even safely ride a bicycle to work, less than 10 miles, because there
are no dedicated roads or even lanes for light low speed vehicles.

Eeesh we can do this if we get on it.  It wouldn't even be that expensive.
We have entire lanes dedicated to vehicles with at least two people in it,
seldom used.  But we don't supply even half a lane for pedal vehicles or low
speed gas sippers.


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