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Since we are having discussions about cars, there is a comment I forgot to
post before.  If we back off on top speed requirements, we get some cool
stuff in return, such as more freedom on shape.  Note the styling of old
cars, how they had a lot of aerodynamically messy surfaces, vertical
windshields for instance.  Wind resistance isn't so important at lower


We don't have those styley cars anymore, but higher coefficients of drag
have advantages: they look cool.  Adds character.  Today's cars all look too
much alike, boring featureless ovoids.  Can you picture a 55 corvette?  A
50s era Bel Aire?  Sure, now visualize a 1995 Impala?  You can't picture the
95 Impala, because it looks just like every other yank snoozemobile produced
in those years, and pretty similar to what is coming off the line now. 


Another advantage to lower speed is that if the motor is decreased in size
and weight, it improves repairability.  One feller can pull and replace an
engine without special hoists and such.  A prole could even keep a spare
engine at home on the shelf without using up so much room.


On a related note, the Germans maintain a positive trade balance even though
they pay workers some of the highest wages in the world, they are dragging
the dead weight of Greece nearly singlehandedly in spite of that unfortunate
Colonel Klink accent, and still they do stuff like this, way to go krauts!
Check it out, is this cool or what:






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