[ExI] The NSA's new data center

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Sat Mar 24 16:13:52 UTC 2012

Eugen wrote:

> > I could envision that being taken by courts as rebuttable 
> evidence of police
> > or custodial misconduct.

>Empirical evidence suggests that not to be the case. Always assuming
>the matter lands before the judge, and the judge would be at all interested
>(are you, a common criminal, actually bringing up charges against a cop?)
>in digging in too deep, and find things which might bring trouble to him.

This is all still in its infancy. I don't expect a Supreme Court ruling
such as I'd envisioned for another fifteen years or so.

>Again, you're the hen in the henhouse asking the foxes in charge to
>play fairly. I gather you never had direct experience with the seedy
>underbelly of the judicial system?

I'm not expecting they'll go along with this willingly, much as they
weren't thrilled by Miranda v. Arizona and other developments
that constrain them. But reforms and protections have come about,
over decades and centuries.

The wavefront is now citizens' right to video, still, and audio record
their encounters with police or third-parties recording them. And
police aggressively attempting to stop this.

On the other hand, some police departments have police record all
their encounters with the public, for the sake of the officer and the

-- David.

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