[ExI] The NSA's new data center

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Wed Mar 28 18:26:08 UTC 2012

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>>...On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 12:03:18PM -0400, J.R. Jones wrote:

>>... With transparency, I think, would come a new found respect ...

>...I think total transparency is the most naive horse pucky (RIP, Robert)
I've heard in a longest while... Eugen Leitl

We know we cannot stop all data leakage, so perhaps a better strategy for
privacy fans is intentional obscuration.  I have friends over to my house
regularly, and have them do Google searches on whatever they want, just to
clutter the profile, like camo on a tank or a soldier putting foliage on his
helmet.  Same for posts, including posts to ExI-chat.  If anyone ever asks
me if I wrote something, intentional obscuration redirects the power back to
myself.  I can ask to see the comment, then I have the option of owning it
or not recalling having written that comment.  In general I think this is a
more effective strategy than stopping all data leakage.

Even if one does not practice intentional obscuration, the other guy does
not know that, or cannot prove it.

What would be even better is if some of you code-hipster privacy fans can
figure out a way to arrange for others to log on as me elsewhere and still
make it become part of my online profile and my search history.  That would
be a kick!  Become a melded generic extropian avatar, our search histories a
superset of all those currently reading these words.  The presence of that
tech would discourage the data snoops, for their whole exercise of
data-mining and search profiling would become pointless.

Extra credit if our alternate selves are on another continent.

Eugen, how do we do it?  Can I just post you my passwords?


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