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>...And my ape hauler sits quietly in my driveway, and doesn't think up new
ways to interfere with my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness...
(Unlike that evil 1973 Plymouth Fury, which did find new ways every day on
my way to Livermore across the country. David.

Wooohooo!  The venerable 73 Plymouth Fury.  My folks had one of those, with
the 360.  What a fun car!  Lots of power, relatively light, fast, quick off
the line.  I loved that car, learned to drive in it.  Nothing wrong with it
other than it guzzled gas, but not as bad as their other car, the 71 Buick
boat-tail Riviera with the wildcat 455 CI, oh my. 

I love V8s, own three of them.  I recognize I am a flaming hypocrite to
point out how wasteful they are.  I had my fun, now I am suggesting others
will not have theirs.  I am not preaching environmental righteousness, being
a black-hearted sinner myself.  I sure as hell burned my share of octane
over the years, the drag racing, cross country trips, the whole thing, did
it, been there, had a great time, hope to do more.

My point is for most purposes, we could have second cars, simple, light,
short range cheap devices, where one cylinder the size of each of the 8 in
Mister Lincoln would suffice.  Of course they won't be as fun to drive, not
as comfortable, not as safe, not nearly as fast.


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