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Wed May 9 22:00:04 UTC 2012

Hello everyone in this chat room.
My name is David Pizer.  As you know I am new to this forum, but I have been in cryonics a long time.
I have been following this chat room for a few weeks and see some of my old friends are here.
A little about myself:
I am retired from Alcor management.  I served as VP and Treasurer and a Director for 11 years.
I am mostly responsible for Alcor being in the building they are in now.
At present I am part of the Venturist Organization.  our site = www.venturist.info
I own a small resort/dude ranch kinda place in Mayer Arizona, an hour north of north Phoenix.    pictures at www.creeksidepreserve.com
In1988 I was placed into custody for refusing to cooperate with the Dora Kent investigation.  Along with 4 others, I filed Pizer vs. Riverside and we collected money from
the bureaucrats that tried to damage Dora and Alcor.
The Society for Venturism wants to sponsor ideas and projects that might help move the cryonics movement forward.  Let us know your projects.
Dr .More and his wife met at my old resort in Wrightwood California years ago.  They are both very smart people.
That's about all I can think of for now.
Best to all.
David Pizer
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