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david pizer pizerdavid at yahoo.com
Sun May 13 00:56:37 UTC 2012

Tomasz said:  "Humans feel, dream, educate themselves and change. Pets and insects don't."
I don't agree with this.  I have owned many dogs as pets and have observed them dreaming while sleeping.
For instance several of my Great Danes would move their legs as in running and bark as when they are chasing prey, all while they were asleep.
One Great Dane I used to own, "Little Woofy" loved M&Ms candy.  We had a candy machine at a resort we owned in the mountains.
When a guest would take out some coins from their pocket and put them in the candy machine, Woofy would rush over and take their hand and put it on the lever that you pull to dispense the M&Ms.  They thought that was cute and so they gave some of the candy to him.  Of course this only made him get better at this little trick.
I feel very strongly that some mammals have minds similar to humans, (as far as memory and decision making), but without the advanced benefit of the extend of  the level of consciousness that we humans have, especially the extent of self-consciousness.
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