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>...Athabasca and Orinoco tar sands:  each containing substantially more
energy reserves than Saudi Arabia.  Shale gas across the planet:  ditto, in
spades, and cleaner and cheaper than tar sands..  No peak oil, no energy
crisis...Best, Jeff Davis

Even if technically true, the tar sands vs. Saudi oil notion is
oversimplified to the point of being misleading.  The tar sands and oil
shale takes a hell of a lot more energy to get the energy out.  Saudi Arabia
is a good comparison, because their crude is light and sweet, and at one
time came spewing out of the ground of its own free will.  The tar sands
require a lot of fresh water, a lot of scrubbing and processing, a lot of

There is no doubt we have an energy problem to solve, which is way more
urgent than worrying about global warming.


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