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Sat May 19 14:52:55 UTC 2012

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> I'm so tired of the dance of doom.  I prefer enhancement, starships, 
> and a sunny singularity.  I choose joy...  Jeff

Jeff if it is one of my options, I aslo choose to have unlimited oil
supplies underground bubbling up under its own pressure.  Light, sweet crude

>...Most of us on this list are in a very privileged position. Bright,
well-educated, no money worries....
If you were one of the 46 million subsisting on food stamps or one of the
many others barely getting by on low wage or part-time jobs, then you might
have a different outlook...  BillK

BillK I agree with your notion that most of us reading here are in a very
privileged position, but being well fed, warm and safe are only part of it.
The real blessing we have is that we have access to mathematical tools that
few in history have had, and information in unlimited supply.  Our task is
to use our math and engineering skills to filter the good information from
the piles and piles of worthless noise.

That being said, (uhoh, here he goes again) everyone here should look
carefully at how we use energy and how our lives are the way they are
because of our wacky high energy use.  Then extrapolate forward, assuming
the kinds of growth rates that are associated with enormous energy use.  It
isn't that hard to see how this end game plays out.  

All this assumes no singularity of course, which changes everything in
completely unpredictable ways.  The doomsday crowd all assume no
singularity.  So I request you do some serious thinking about your expected
lifespan and that of your children, assuming no singularity comes along to
save the day.


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