[ExI] De-Orbiting Gold

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sun May 20 16:05:49 UTC 2012

Il 20/05/2012 17:04, Brent Allsop ha scritto:

> And I don't think you can use the horribly inflated price of gold today,
> as your price point. The current price of gold is only due to the
> immoral fear mongering hording bastards that "invest" in gold and pay to
> store it in some vault someplace, for fear of some economic or social
> calamity, - all making the world a worse place, instead of investing in
> something hopeful and moral like Google or Canonizer LLC.

Or being robbed blind by the governments via inflations or heavy taxes 
or some social calamity caused  by some social engineer.
Sorry for thinking self-preserving and self-protection is a good thing.

By the Way, the current costs of extracting gold from the ground is 
around 1200 US$ or something like this. Add the risk to be nationalized 
or taxed. Not a surprise mining shares for precious metal miners are so low.

> I'm still in the camp that thinks all that space stuff is still an
> immoral waste, significantly slowing society down, causing how many more
> souls to fail to reach the millennium to eternally rot in hell or the
> grave? We've got to focus on the brain, first, and get to where we can
> upload and back our selves up. Then Everyone, not just the selfish rich,
> can start to easily afford to play in space.

To have immortality (or very long life spans) we need resources to 
support the research. Rich people have them and more rich people is out 
there, more wealth they have (inherited or produced), more is probable 
one of the or more will finance the research of rejuvenating 
technologyes and likes.

Space is where resources are plenty and untapped and where government 
have difficult to reach and control.


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