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Mon May 21 18:28:13 UTC 2012

Some cryoncists would like to have a trust that holds their assets while they are in suspension and then they get their assets back when they are reanimated.  I have a trust that I hope does that for me.  I have posted it on the Venturist site at venturist.info
The object of my trust is to hold the assets and try to make them grow to keep up with inflation while providing some income for the Venturist organization which my wife and I have chosen to be the Trustor while we are in suspension.  By keeping the Venturist Organization strong and allowing them to have some of the income each year to put in their back up protection trust, all Venturist Members are more strongly protected as the money in the Venturist Back Up Protection Trust grows.
We make no suggestions or guarantees to others who may or may not want to use ideas from my trust for their own use.  I suggest you see an attorney for that advice.
Feel free to look at my trust and make any comments if you care to.
It might be the case that other cryonicists will want to have their own trust and will also want to help the Venturist Organization accumulate money to protect Venturists Members in suspension by selecting The Society for Venturism as the Trustor for their trust during the period of their suspension.
We will be discussing this and taking questions at the June Cryonics Conference at the Creekside Lodge in Mayer Arizona in a few weeks.  Hope to see you there.
Best to everyone,
David Pizer
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