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Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Fri May 25 04:53:23 UTC 2012

On Thu, 24 May 2012, Max More wrote:

> Thanks, Bill. I do also use Firefox and IE, so I'll retry the sites with
> one of those. In my experience, every browser has a problem that others
> don't. Hence my using three of them.
> --Max

Myself, I find Opera quite good for reading pages containing mostly text 
(documentation, manuals, news, tutorials etc). It has some nice keyboard 
tricks, at least my fingers like them. Of course it can be used as normal 
multimedia browser (or so they say), but I like it's ability to quickly 
switch on/off various aspects of browsing, cookies, Javascripts and 
plugins, and so on. No mouse required for this, that's my browser.

It is also nice to quickly dumb the browser down to text+images level for 
combat reconnaisance of possibly baad pages.

The common denominator is of course browsing with no cookies, scripts and 
plugins and surprisingly, sites with informational content render quite 
well. Those other sites I watch with Mozilla/Firefox (running IE under 
Linux would be too much trouble to be worth it), but under different user 
so that if the hell breaks loose it doesn't go very far.

Under Windows there is runas command that could be used for similar effect 
(I don't know if all Windows versions treat different users as different 
users - I guess I have read once there were some lobotimised Windows 
Cheap/Home where every user could sh*t into every other user's files even 
though they too had runas onboard, they just ignored it - or maybe they 
had only one user really, so changing had no effect, it was long ago).

I think it would serve folks  well if they learned to run software under 
different users, at least in case of browsing. OTOH, a nice program 
shielding from malice is ok, too.

BTW, there are some nice plugins for Firefox, like NoScript.

Tomasz Rola

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