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You are right, David, that the key to success in the cryonics business
is to drum up more business and reduce waste .... but the devil is in
the details. Massively (percentage-wise) cutting prices for neuro and
slightly (again, percentage-wise) increasing prices for whole body
should definitely achieve both, even if the total average
per-suspension intake is only slightly increased. Neuro patients are
more likely to be price-sensitive, so cutting their price will
increase their numbers. Since keeping them frozen costs nothing (until
the whole/neuro ratio drops below 0.8), there will be no net spending
increase for Alcor. Whole-body patients are less price sensitive
(since they already chose a more expensive but less effective
procedure), so they will not abandon Alcor in droves after a price
increase. Dewar utilization will improve.

Would you expect different results? Specifically, do you expect a
different effect of such a price change on the number of neuro
signups, number of whole body signups and average dewar utilization?


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