[ExI] New Maths software

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed May 30 19:43:52 UTC 2012

>... On Behalf Of BillK
Subject: [ExI] New Maths software

>...(New toys for Spike, really)...

Woohoo!  Thanks BillK.

>...This is a new release of the Sage Mathematics Software, version

When I see things like this, I struggle mightily and unsuccessfully to
comprehend how even the most depressed and pessimistic among modern humans
could ever manage to maintain anything other than a sunny outlook.  We have
ALL THIS STUFF available FREE, so much of it to play with, not just wacky
quantity but cool as all hell, with so much free time enabled by enabling
technology, which harnesses energy, so we need not focus our every waking
moment on finding food and keeping warm.  

Modern western life is like being a kid in a toy store after closing time,
told he can unwrap  play with aaaaaanything he wants.  How could we possibly
not have a total blast?  

Life... Is... Goooood...


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