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Subject: [ExI] Relatively new physics and math crank

 <http://milesmathis.com/index.html> http://milesmathis.com/index.html

I wonder if any of you have run into this guy's work before. I'm only
bringing him up because a guy on another list brought him up. Thankfully,
others have already put in the effort to critique his work:

 <http://mathisdermaler.wordpress.com/> http://mathisdermaler.wordpress.com/




It’s bullshit Dan, disregard it, sir.  Giveaway comments such as this one,
where he claims to have discovered an error in tangential velocity

…And we find the tangential velocity is only different from the angular
velocity by about 3 parts in a million, at the distance of the Earth (using
this equation, v = √[(ω4/4r2) + ω2]). That is why this problem only comes
up with quanta. At large scales like planetary orbits, the divergence in
tangential and angular velocity is minimal…

Nonsense, in orbit mechanics, an error of 3 parts per million is huge, at
least for some applications.  We know the orbital parameters down to the
parts per billion, and even with that, error can accumulate.

Into the bit bucket with it.


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