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>.I regularly have nightmares about insects and am enthusiastic about the
idea that artificial creatures can be used one day to pollinate fields.  It
has been one of my lifelong dreams that insects might one day be replaced by
robots to do their job.  Sure, an alternative food source for birds - that I
do like - must be found, but a world without cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies
and wasps is one aspect of technoprogressive Eden.  Last night I had a
nightmare about a parasitic worm.  It was big and vile.  Hopefully such
creatures will know the fate of the smallpox virus and one day exist only as
DNA in some remote laboratory.  Or as virtual monsters in MMORPG that one
can easily kill with some magic weapon or spell.



Kryonica, for the purpose of pollinating crops, the robots nature gave us
are hard to beat.  They are thorough, efficient, self-reproducing, they even
supply us with honey.  An alternative would be the development of technology
that would help you and fellow sufferers of the dread of insects.  Suggest
finding a cooperative beekeeper, suit up so that the bees cannot get you,
not even one.  Then go out with her and take a look inside a beehive.  Once
you get used to having bees around everywhere, you can walk right up to a
commercial beehive in your street clothes, with no ill effects.  The bees
will not rush out and sting you.


Mosquitos, ja I am with you on that.  I see no socially redeeming qualities
in those needlenose bastards.  But bees are cool.
















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