[ExI] riots again

Tomaz Kristan protokol2020 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 07:07:09 UTC 2012

Put it another way! Chines/Russians... know, that if a fraction of there
government attacked the Capitol Hill, and there governments backed the
perpetrators of the did, they can count on a nuke, probably more. Not
necessary, but very likely.

Also. If one attacks Kremlin and destroys it very much, he can count to see
how powerful those Russian atomic bombs are - first hand. I guess they are
quite powerful.

It is called MAD and gave us uneasy peace for many decades.

Excluding lesser powers, like Taliban Afghanistan from the MAD agreement is
a very noble thing, of course.

But just let them go, with several diplomatic notes and a few UN
resolutions is a silly idea.

Pretending there is no war, maintaining the "peace" - how we can call it?

I call it mad. Not MAD, just mad.

Still some people here advocates it and pretend to be noble. Like it was a
minimum view to stay on this list.
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