[ExI] riots again

Tomaz Kristan protokol2020 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 15:17:25 UTC 2012

> If you want to reduce death tolls, focus on self-driving cars.

Instead of answering terror attacks, just mend you cars?

What stupid advice is that? With or without those attacks, cars are more
and more safe. (Abandoning the cars, if you suggest that, would mean MANY
MORE deaths per year.)

OTOH, thinking like "well, they have killed few thousand people, it's not
that bad, leave them alone and focus on the cars!" -  would be an open
invitation for Osama's gang, to repeat the attack and to enlarge them until
they could claim victory in this war, they have started.

The cars wouldn't be needed no more. Afgani lifestyle everywhere.

What kind of a perverse logic is this?
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