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> On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 7:00 AM, Omar Rahman <rahmans at me.com> wrote:
>> (Read in the voice of Yoda please.)
>> Myopically short term pragmatism a new definition of noble is?
> Sucked your post does. Like a fine wine a joke ages not.
>  John K Clark


Do you notice that you don't ask very many questions? Is this because you have all the answers? Or perhaps it is because you have adopted the "fact free I've made an assertion and it's up to you to disprove every gaseous emission that comes from whichever orifice I'm currently using to speak " rhetorical style of the Beverage Party? In rhetorical style isn't the Beverage Party walking (goose-stepping?) towards the BIg Lie?

Lies and distortions of the truth are antithetical to an extropian mindset as we must view ourselves as a pattern of information. We might want to edit that information or cut parts of it away or add parts to ourselves, but to lie would be to introduce error into ourselves. Maybe there could be some situation in which we wish to contain an error, but lying as a habit or especially as a world view I can only see leading to solipsism or insanity.

Religion begins with a statement, science begins with a question.

Omar Rahman

	~Question or remain silent, there is no lie. (In the voice of Yoda)
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