[ExI] Consequentialist world improvement

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Oct 7 17:58:07 UTC 2012

> Billk, I would damn near risk my own life before calling
> someone to change
> my smoke detector battery.  Especially would I do this if
> I didn't really
> feel elderly, or if the smoke detector started chirping in
> the night with a
> relatively young battery (that happens.)
>>...There are so many charities looking after old folks
>> these days...
> In some places, ja.  (snip)

Not here.

Heh. And have you *priced* what it would cost to have
someone (an electrician???) come do this job for you?
Especially in the night.  Probably a couple hundred bucks.
Which an old retired person is not likely to have.

Chairs can be my friend. A chair has a back on which I can
rest my hand for balance as I clamber up to reach the
higher kitchen shelves that I can no longer reach, having
shrunk somewhat in my old age.... The kitchen step stool
does not have such a thing. Actually it does, but it is
very low, not like a chair back. And the steps are narrow
and easy to slip off of.


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