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On 8 October 2012 15:20, Charlie Stross <charlie.stross at gmail.com> wrote:

> Obligatory reading: "Stasiland" by Anne Funder. (Among other eye-openers:
> East Germany never really de-Nazified. When the Soviets swept in they
> brought a bunch of tame German Communists who'd been in exile in the USSR
> and were happy enough to toe Stalin's line. Who executed the obvious Nazi
> leaders but basically ignored lower-level functionaries, because by 1940 if
> you were German you had to be a Nazi in order to be a doctor or a teacher;
> if they'd killed all the Nazis they wouldn't have had a state to run. So by
> the late 1950s East Germany was the worst of both worlds; a state run by
> doctrinaire Stalinists at the top and recycled Nazis at the lower levels.)

Mmhhh. The DDR was basically a "colony", even though admittedly it was left
at its own devices at some level with regard to the day-by-day management
of details more than its western cousins (for instance with regard to
denazification, or to the survival of a multi-party system at odd with its
officially Leninist ideology).

And I suspect that discussing the political regime of colonies is moot or
even oxymoronic, since by definition they do not have one to speak of,
contrary to Orwell's Oceania (little is said about those of the rival 1984
superpowers, unless to dismiss out-of-hand the existence of significant

Stefano Vaj
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