[ExI] Consequentialist world improvement

F. C. Moulton moulton at moulton.com
Wed Oct 10 06:29:43 UTC 2012


Just a small note about your bot plan.  I did not notice a "Style"
parameter.  Many people have different styles for different topics.  In
some cases a person might respond with jokes or puns on a particular
topic.  In other cases it might be all straight forward exposition
perhaps even repeating something they posted long ago.

Also there is the "Tone".  It can also vary be the length of time or
number of posts in a thread; for some people the tone changes as the
same point is made and ignored multiple times in a thread.

We has humans run models of other peoples minds in our minds and after
years of evolution most humans are relatively good at it although some
are better than others.


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