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A couple years ago I noticed a local raven was placing hickory nuts in
driveways, apparently anticipating cars crushing them, an example of
wildlife exploiting human technology.  This example was to me more
impressive than park bears figuring out how to open cars to get at the
camper's coolers and backpacks, for they might be able to smell the food in
that case, just let instinct do what instinct does until the car is open.
In the case of the raven, he perched on top of a corner light-pole with a
whole nut.  When a garage door opened, she would take the nut, swoop down,
place it behind the car and leave.  If the car missed the nut, she would
take it back up to her perch and wait.


Just this morning, I notice there are three ravens out there with nuts, but
only one appears to be perching.  The other two are placing their lunch on
the roadway and hopping over to the sidewalk to watch and wait.  So now I
want to get a video of the perching bird swooping and placing a nut as a
garage door opens.


One bird previously, now three, but it isn't clear that this is an example
of a technology spreading in wildlife, or if it is still considered wildlife
if it starts to use human technology.  I noticed a few minutes ago while
taking still photos that the birds don't show much fear of humans.  They let
me get within about four meters with no apparent concern.


Cool, if I manage to capture a video of these guys doing this, it will make
a fun YouTube video.



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