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>>.This very plausible outcome weakens the office of the presidency and in
this way the libertarians win.  Of course we get spent ever deeper into a
hole anyway, so in that way we all lose, but the libertarian is at least the
moral victor.

>.And then the administration, desperate to shore up its mandate, 
pushes for ever more police state measures .



Hey here's something cool.  Colorado may have flipped toward that
Massachusetts feller and New Hampshire appears to be siding with the guy
from Chicago, which actually increases the likelihood of that wacky scenario
I originally posted a few days ago.  The five states which appear to be in
play or tossups are now Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada.  If
current trends continue, Gov. Mass takes VA, IA and NV, with the incumbent
taking WI and the key state of Ohio, without which we were assured the
challenger could never win.  Everything else stays as it is today.  If that
happens, we get a 269-269 split.  


With Colorado's current status, the tie isn't as far-fetched as it seemed
last week: Romney gets the presidential slot and Joe Biden the VP, and we
get 4 solid years of an executive branch as a house divided, with the
winners being the libertarians.  I would guess the chances of this tie game
went from about 1% to about 5%.  I am ignoring for the moment the fact that
we suddenly have 538 individuals whose votes are worth a cool fortune.


Gary Johnson had an extended interview last night on YouTube.  He really
sounded good methinks.  Good chance he will lose to one of those other two
guys, but he looked very good.  Stay tuned!







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