[ExI] new app allows you to do everything except what really counts

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Wed Oct 24 23:16:44 UTC 2012



OK so now there is an app which lets you keep track of your Vote by Mail
ballot, check the current score, along with these other features:


Other features available on SCCVOTE include:

.         Voter Guide, with information on measures and candidates

.         View your sample ballot

.         Check if you are registered

.         Look up your districts and elected officials

.         Contact the Registrar of Voters with questions about elections and




So this app will let you verify the yakkity yak and check the bla bla, but
what has become the ever more obvious common denominator is that none of
these apps provide any means of verifying that your vote counted.  That one
is conspicuously missing, and apparently will ever be missing, which tells
me as plainly as if they chisel it in stone that Americans do not  and
cannot know if we actually voted.  We can believe we voted, sincerely
believe if we wish, but we cannot verify.  We are specifically forbidden
from verifying our vote.  Americans are asked to trust but not verify.  We
do not know who will win the election, and will not know after the fact.



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