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>>>  Looks like drinking the blood of young virgins is coming back in 
> fashion.
>>  Injecting, and there wasn't anything about virgins, unless there's 
> worry
>>  about STDs.
> I hope so, because the available stock of virgins is very thin.

It's thinner than you realize. Not having access to nature (the journal not the physical entity), I am willing to bet $20 USD that the researchers used young and old mice from the same in-bred strain. This would be that the mice were very nearly clones of one another being syntenic to greater than 98% of their genomes. Since the blood borne factor(s) remain unidentified, chances are that not *any* virgin would do. Unless it came down to a particular cocktail of cytokines and soluble factors (unlikely), the donors would probably need (at least) to be HLA compatable to you and virginity would be optional as long as they were young.
I would appreciate it if somebody with an institutional subscription could please forward me the primary article offlist. 
Stuart LaForge

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