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OK here’s another puzzle for you InTrade fans.  Check out that oddball signal on the left of the chart below:





There was a huge volume of trades, each of one share, alternating between 63.1 and 63.6 cents.  I don’t know what it means, but there were interspersed trades of other values.  This is most puzzling.  It appears that it is the flip side of that coin where someone had a huge series of trades all at the same value, spaced at the same interval yesterday.  That one was in the middle of the night, this one in the middle of the day, noon east coast US time, when the very most active traders would be watching and perhaps on their lunch break, trading.  So we saw a yesterday bunch of trades rapid-fire, middle of the night, same price, every 20 seconds.  This signal is a bunch of trades, alternating prices, transferring five bucks per trade, rapid fire, middle of the day.


The most plausible explanation I can think of is some yahoo is experimenting with an active market, testing to see how best to cause the bulls to stampede.  If this is right, look for a bunch of equal value trades at noon eastern tomorrow, and a bunch of alternating trades in the middle of the night tonight.  If she figures out how to stampede the bulls, we might be able to look at what she did and reverse engineer it.  Then we too make buttloads of money, perhaps hundreds of dollars, hundreds!


Other ideas?









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