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Wed Oct 31 03:31:39 UTC 2012


We in the states are going to be choosing a president a week from today, but
we likely won't know who won a week from tomorrow.  Reasoning:  it is
starting to look more and more like whoever wins in Ohio wins.  But Ohio has
a feature where an automatic recount is triggered if the vote is within half
a percent, and current polls suggest it is that close in Ohio, in which case
they need to count all the provisional ballots, which cannot be complete
until ten days after the election so they have time to be mailed and


In any case, over my strenuous objections, there are still electric voting
machines in some places.  The US government once again ignored my direct
commands to get rid of those things.  So now we have this big storm which
has knocked out power in many places on the east coast, and here are these
fools with the voting machines that may not have the power up in time.  So
that's what they get for not listening to me.


Funny aside: the White House press secretary today was asked if the
president has the authority to postpone the election.  He replied that he
didn't know.  I found that answer hilarious, but of course I have a weird
sense of humor.  If presidents had the authority to postpone elections, the
US would be on president number about 15 right now instead of 44.


In any case, I am not getting my hopes up.  Even if Gary Johnson were to
somehow win Ohio, it is extremely likely one of those other two fellers will
win anyway.  Stay tuned for fun and games, such as the possibility of a
full-blown constitutional crisis.



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