[ExI] Let's stop lowering our IQs.

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Mon Feb 4 23:56:03 UTC 2013

James Clement wrote:
> A 2011 research paper: Fluoride in Drinking Water: Effect on Liver and
> Kidney Function
> http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780444522726004189
> Fluoride is an essential trace element for human beings and animals;
> however, high level of fluoride in drinking water is harmful to the
> living system. Chronic fluoride intoxication causes damages to osseous
> tissue (teeth and bone) and soft tissues (liver, kidney, brain, etc.).
> Liver and kidney are the target organs markedly attacked by excessive
> amount of fluoride. High doses of fluoride intake lead to changes of
> structure, function, and metabolism in liver and kidney.


I love how this thread is developing.

One technical note here. Be aware that there are several types of 
fluoride. There is calcium fluoride that can be a nutrient in some 
limited quantities and there is sodium fluoride that is put into the 
water supply which is a toxin. It should also be noted that what is 
delivered to the water companies is actually a mess of toxic waste 
including depleted uranium and other substances.


Powers are not rights.

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