[ExI] Let's stop lowering our IQs.

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Tue Feb 5 13:32:54 UTC 2013

>... On Behalf Of Anders Sandberg

>...This points at a real and big problem: how do we get information "the last mile" to people who need it?

Anders Sandberg,

The modern version of this question would properly ask about the last half meter.  All the right answers to everything are as close as our computer screens, yet it is crazy difficult to distinguish the high quality information from the mountains of garbage.  Back in the days when we geeks used to do our proto-web surfing in a library using paper books, one could make a first level assessment of the quality of the information by the binding.  We knew what encyclopedias looked like, and could easily tell the difference between those and advertisements found in the National Enquirer.  You really could judge a book by its cover, to some limited but important extent.

Now good and bad information looks a lot more similar, and there are orders of magnitude more of both.

I think this problem is what Brent was getting at with the canonizer.  Even with a science background, I don't know for sure how to get to the state of the art consensus on fluoride in drinking water.  My dentist today said the dental community is in favor of it.


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