[ExI] 2^57885161-1

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Feb 6 02:15:35 UTC 2013

So, Spike, how does this fit with current GIMPS trends?

Anders Sandberg,

Oooohhhhh so cooooool!  

Wicked cool, there is so much interesting signal in this discovery.

Preliminary result, the size of the largest known prime number doubled every
7.8 seconds over the past four years, since the last record was set.  By
that I mean the size of the largest known prime increased by a factor of
2^15241360 over that interval, or increased in size of over 15 million
doublings, in about 120 million seconds, for an average doubling time of
under 8 seconds.  

This isn't a record.  You may recall back in 09 there were two records set
right together, only a few months apart.  That blew my mind bigtime, since
it was the culmination of a wild cluster of Mersenne primes.  COOOOOL!

More later, family obligations,


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