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On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 10:55 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>>... On Behalf Of Dave Sill
>>>... problem: overheating...
>>... OK, so take all your new computers and run this app for a couple 
> months, see if they overheat.  If so, collect on the warranty.

>...Warranty? I don't got no steenkin' warranty. I built the box myself....

All the more reason to give it a rugged stress test.  Perhaps some of the
gurus will correct me, I think the modern processors know when they are
getting hot and somehow signal GIMPS to run at half speed.  I might be wrong
on this: I can't figure what mechanism they could use to do this.  Gurus?
This feature in itself would be a valuable thing, since the log creates a
record of what calculation was done at what time.  So if something is
causing the machines to run hot, especially if it is happening in the middle
of the night, we might be able to catch 'em!

>>...resulted in my eventually finding myself in 
> Damien's completely coincidentally wildly cool excellent book The 
> Spike, which was not named after me.

>...Hey, I'm with you Spike. I'm just curious about real significance of
these huge primes. -Dave

Dave that thing about scaring away ravenous extraterrestrials thing is
really working.  We have been sending out EM signals for nearly a century,
and longer if you count all the stuff Tesla and the boys were doing, and yet
so far every alien invader has apparently been frightened away by all our
mighty Mersenne primes.


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