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>>>... they simply wanted more control over Google's comings and goings. In any case, I wouldn't read too much into it. 
>>...I would agree with your assessment, James. When Spike and I were at Moffett Field pricing their hangar space, the Ames people did name drop Google several times...Stuart LaForge
>Is that what that was about?  Hmmm, thanks Stuart, I am far too naïve of the ways of business I fear.  The way I interpreted their comments was that they might be persuaded to rent us some space if we insist on it, but they want to structure the deal to throw our butts out as soon as a real > company comes along, and they don't want to hear any whining about how there are no other hangars anywhere which would accommodate our needs.
Funny but the way I interpreted their comments was that they were bound and determined to peel off all of Hangar One's skin but they might rent it to us in the future if and when they reskined it but they weren't sure what they were going to do. They certainly followed through with the peeling part of the plan:
I don't suppose they have started reskinning it eh?
Interestingly enough here is an overview of NASA's plan:
Of the options on page 92, only the ones that keep it in use as an airship hangar will be of any use to us. But I would opt to *modernize* it in lieu of restoring it to historical specs.
> Google is the real company that Ames had on the hook the whole time, ja?  That is a good example of why engineers hire business people, then call them "boss."

Yeah but it looks like Google got away. Maybe NASA scared off Google by trying to get them to pay for the refurbishment of Hangar One. Of course Google just wants to park a 737, not a megawatt class sunship. 
Stuart LaForge
“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”- Karol Józef Wojtyla 

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