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spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Feb 11 21:06:10 UTC 2013

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>>...Hey, I'm with you Spike. I'm just curious about real significance of
these huge primes. -Dave

>...Dave that thing about scaring away ravenous extraterrestrials thing is
really working.  We have been sending out EM signals for nearly a century,
and longer if you count all the stuff Tesla and the boys were doing, and yet
so far every alien invader has apparently been frightened away by all our
mighty Mersenne primes...spike


Further evidence that the MPs are scaring away ETs:


If earthlike planets are far more numerous and closer than we had previously
supposed, then they might have had time to intercept and interpret our EM
signals, prepare an invasion force and start this way, but then if very
close by, would have veered off.  Far more likely, their invasion force
would be signals sent at the speed of light which if interpreted correctly
by us, would be instructions on how to create copies of the invaders here,
rather than ET physically moving the atoms across interstellar distances.
No need to come here if they can email themselves here.


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