[ExI] NYC Debate: Bioethicists Hold Public Debate Ban on Genetically Engineered Babies

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>>... Thought this might interest the group: *B*ioethicists Hold Public
Debate Ban on Genetically Engineered Babies.
> February 14, 2013
> four intellectuals gathered on a stage in New York City last night to 
> debate whether or not there should be a ban on the use of genetic 
> engineering to improve human babies*.*

>...Wait a minute, that's not what the title says.

>...I thought this was about having a ban on public debates about
genetically engineered babies!...Ben Zaiboc


Ja!  Genetically engineered babies are welcome.  But we must debate banning
the debate on genetically engineered babies.  Of course, the headline
doesn't actually specify human babies.  What isn't clear is if it is allowed
for us to debate the notion of debating the debate on the offspring of
unspecified species.

Good catch Ben.


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