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(about halfway down) for a nice explanation. Including of why insanity
rarely works as an excuse. Conversely, it is totally possible to be too
unstable own a gun (say having severe personality disorders) and yet be
legally sane. -- Stefano Vaj 



Ja.  If we presume to set up a number of different varieties of crazy, I can
see a hundred ways this whole notion could go seriously wrong.  In the US,
gun ownership and voting are considered constitutional rights for those who
have not been convicted of a felony.  In introducing a new category of those
whose gun rights are to be infringed, it seems logical to me that if anyone
is too crazy to have a gun, then they are definitely too crazy to vote.  


If they fail their background check to own a gun, then they are also too
crazy to work for me; I will not hire.  We are heading toward a requirement
for universal background checks for anyone wanting to buy a gun.  These I
favor, for there are a number of non-evil uses I can think of in providing
complete public access to everyone's arrest records and mental health
records.  I will start by revealing my own: I have never been arrested or
consulted a mental health professional.  There, see that didn't hurt a bit.



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