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>...It is quite easy to imagine that some of them were not consulted at all,
and if they had been, they would have been caught before they became

Ja agree sir, but you understate your case in an important way.  Just the
discussion of the possibility of restricting gun ownership to the mentally
ill would compel the mentally ill to refuse to seek treatment for fear that
they could lose the ability to purchase a firearm.  With that would soon
likely go their voting rights and any possibility of gainful employment.

>... So never having been consulted like this could be seen as a sign of
potential mental instability: no relevant professional has given you a clean
bill of health...

Ja.  This becomes really tricky.

>...  This is why it is illegal for an employer, in most cases, to ask about
specific generalizations that society has deemed irrelevant to most jobs -
notably sex and religion.
(Exceptions exist where it is relevant, e.g. religion for a priest job.)


Some jobs just inherently require a particular gender, such as priests and
harlots, ja thanks.  


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