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On 24/02/2013 17:58, spike wrote:

Unrelated:  Anders I went up to Stanford yesterday to Cubberly Hall at 1000,
but it wasn't a transhumanist event.  Rather it was a string quartet.  Or
did I have the wrong date, time or place?

>.Yes indeed. My bad. The event is apparently next month - I noticed that
yesterday too, when I met Stuart here in Oxford and got a bit confused.
No harm done.  Negative harm done: benefit resulted from an error!  Reminds
me of evolution, the rare beneficial mutation.

>.Happy you got some good Haydn, though. Anders Sandberg


Me too!  I looove Stanford, that is the place to out-hang.  Lots of
interesting stuff going on there always.  I had forgotten how cool,
interesting and mathematical is Hayden.  In some ways he is the more
approachable Bach, warm, nice, still precise and profound, but huggable is
After the concert, while I was waiting around for the 1300 lecture, I walked
about and pondered the future of high-end universities like Stanford and
that other place across the way whose name often escapes me, Berk something
I think.  The online learning will have an enormous impact methinks.  I
would like to steer the thread from insanity to Stanford.
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