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>.Interesting piece.  If I was the first player, I would always offer an
even 50/50 split.  But if I was the one that received an offer of even the
smallest possible amount, I would still accept it.if a dude offered me $1,
and wanted to keep $99, and if I accepted.  In heaven, the future, he would
have to make a restitution, to make things fair, and pay me back.What does
everyone else think about such, and what choices would you make?  Brent

Brent, you are too nice.  Tell you what pal, do allow me Player-1 you.  You
are my kind of player 2. 


If nothing else, we should be able to come up with a great video game, where
you can do all these things, and choose Duke Nukem as your heavenly avatar
for instance.  It seems like this should be possible: you can play chess
online anonymously, why not Ultimatum?


The answer to your question depends on if that version of heaven allows me
to find the greedy bastard and give him an ass-whooping.  That would be fair
interest in the sweet by and by, for his offering me 1 dollar.  If that
version of heaven requires everyone to be nice, then I want to get into a
higher level of heaven where I can go all Duke Nukem on reprehensible
deadbeat.  If that guy is in a lower level of heaven for his avarice, then I
want the option of going down there, giving him a whooping, then coming back
up.  Once I thrash him, only then will I forgive and forget, and be nice
like all the other gentle harp-playing cloud-jockeys up there.





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